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MVC HR Syllabus

Course description

This course is designed to give media viability consultants (MVCs) an introduction to Employment Law and the basic skills and principles of human resource management. It will equip the participants with the tools required to understand the importance of human resource (HR) processes and what they need to pay attention to when developing HR policies and procedures. They’ll also understand their reference guide to get updates on any changes that may have happened in recent legislation. The workshop will also include an introduction to performance management which will give the participants an overview of what performance management and what documentation is required to help monitor and improve performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop a Human Resources Manual using the template provided
  • Draft basic Human Resource processes and documentation
  • Design an organogram and suitable job descriptions
  • Understand performance management process and adapt performance frameworks
  • Evaluate the design and implementation of the media houses’ HR policy.

About the facilitator:

Rhona Nantege is a practicing executive Coach, and a Leadership, Management and Governance Consultant.  She has a professional human resource management background with over 10 years’ experience in practice. She also has experience in managing HR and administrative functions to deliver competitive advantage through increased employee engagement, building high performance teams and exceptionally designing and implementing administrative policies. Rhona has experience in developing and implementing human resource policy in line with labour and safety laws. She has engaged with multi-cultural entities and thus understands the importance of diversity. She is finalising her Masters of Science in Leadership and Governance at Makerere University Business School, where the specialty is leadership, accountability and performance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management (Hons) from Ndejje University.

Attendance policy

MVCs are required to attend all sessions. In the case of an emergency, MVCs must communicate with Rhona Nantege ([email protected]) the facilitator of the course as well as with Takako Mino ([email protected]), project lead. The MVCs will be expected to review the course materials, complete all required activities, and submit an assignment to demonstrate mastery of the course content missed. Please note that this applies to MVCs who are unable to join a session or part of a session due to connectivity issues.

Course location

All the sessions will be held on Zoom using this link:

Required Tools:

  • Hardware – Laptop or desktop with functioning audio and video functions (may need headphones, speaker, microphone, or webcam depending on your computer’s features)
  • Software – Zoom (for laptop/desktop and on mobile for backup), Gmail account
  • Internet – Broadband internet and/or sufficient mobile data. Even if you have broadband internet, please ensure you have sufficient mobile data in case your internet is unreliable and you need to hotspot or connect via mobile.
  • Charging devices – If you are using a laptop, please ensure that your laptop is fully charged prior to the start of each training session.
  • Mobile – please ensure that your mobile is fully charged, has the required software downloaded and has sufficient data in case you lose power or internet connectivity.

Class Norms:

  • Join at least 10 minutes early
  • Dress appropriately for each session as video is required unless there are special circumstances
  • Set up your workstation in a quiet, well-lit area with a good background
  • Keep your video on, but mute your computer’s audio unless you are speaking
  • Mute notifications on all devices (PC, laptop, mobile) to avoid distractions
  • Avoid eating or other distracting behaviors during the training

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